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Different spa experiences in the Greensboro area

Resort spa photo
Resort spa photo

It seems like a new spa of some kind is popping up in Greensboro every week.  Day spas, nail spas, tanning spas, even pet spas.  Spa experiences offered in the Greensboro area can be broken down into seven main categories.

1.  The Grandover is the only resort/hotel spa in Greensboro, offering extended stays with access to exercise facitlities, pools, and various spa services. Grandover hosts weddings, conferences, and boasts a five-star golf course- the Piedmont's version of The Grove Park in Asheville.  

2.  A day spa offers pampering services like massages, facials, manicures and pedicures.  Clients can go for a single service or spend the better part of a day.  Establishments like Balance Day Spa or Sorella Spa have chosen to focus on the body and omit hair salon services from their menu. 

3.  Nubody Solutions is the primary detox spa in Greensboro.  The focus of Nubody is nutriton, weight-loss, and detoxification through various services and life-style programs. 

4.  Medical spas are the biggest trend in spa right now.  Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, chiropractors, and dentists are expanding their practices to include spa services.  Sona Med Spa, located in Friendly Shopping Center, is part of a national franchise of medical spas. 

So what exactly is a medical spa?  Basically, a medical spa is a cross between a doctor's office and a day spa.  Med spas offer services like laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, body contouring, dermal filling, tattoo removal or permanent make-up.  The services are non-invasiive, typically semi-permanent and usually require maintenance visits.  Anesthesia isn't used and recovery is usually less than 36 hours.

Services are performed by highly trained technicians, usually certified medical estheticians or registered nurses.  North Carolina requires that a doctor be present in the spa at all times when procedures are in progress. 

5.  Full-service salon/spas are the consumer's answer to one-stop beauty shopping.  Salons like Jade in New Friendly and Chakra's Spa by Panache are rooted in the Aveda philosophy, with hair color, cuts, and styles as their primary emphasis.  Jade Aveda is a lifestyle salon, is open 7 days a week, and offers a full spa menu of nail, skin care, and massage services.  Chakra's also has a complete spa menu but has expanded their spa to include medi-spa treatments like permnent make-up, laser hair removal, body contouring, and spider vein removal.

6.  Mini-spas are coming into a class of their own.  Typically, these spas are smaller in square footage and don't staff a large team of operators or stylists and may be owner run and operated.  The practitoner may  choose to specialize in one or two areas like nails or skin or tanning.  

 Clients are re-discovering smaller salons and spas like Amanda's Pink Nail on Battleground Ave., Ra Sun-Spa & Nail Therapy of Summerfield, and HotHeadz of Stokesdale because they tend to be extremely cozy and client-centered and offer popular services that might parallel or exceed those of your higher-end spas without the expense.  


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