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Diets: low-fat, low-carb give similar results

Numbers don't lie, but what do they mean?
Numbers don't lie, but what do they mean?
PicsmaKer, flickr.

Die-hard proponents of certain diets often swear that their preferred method of weight-loss is the best. Low-carbohydrate dieters swear by Atkins or South Beach as the be-all of dieting success, while low-fat proponents scoff and say that their diet will lead to more weight loss. Researchers, however, have found that both groups are wrong.

A study, published last month in the Annals of Internal Medicine, shows that over a two-year period dieters showed no significant difference in amount of weight lost while on low-carb versus low-fat diets. This result seems to confirm that of a similar study published last year that followed dieters for one year.

This research also gives credence to the common-sense idea that what really matters for weight loss is net calorie consumption. If avoiding carbohydrates or fats help you curb excess calories, then that is likely a good diet for you.