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Dietary Supplemental Safety Webinar


For those of you who may be involved with product recall best practices you maybe very interested in the following information from Natural Products Insider Webinars.

Learn about the role of a corporate postmarket safety surveillance system that includes adverse event reporting to meet mandatory FDA reporting requirements. This Webinar will address the type and scope of information collected, how it is reviewed and analyzed by companies and FDA and how these factors converge to aid in the determination of when, or if, a product recall is necessary. Attendees will gain new insights on how to both prevent and deal with the prospect of a product recall.

Speakers include;

  • Rick Kingston, PharmD, SafetyCall International P
  • Patrick Revelle, Director, MedDRA MSSO
  • James Neal Kababick, Director, Flora Research Labs
  • Bob Moore, Ph.D.,CFSAN, FDA

Below is the registration information to attend this informative seminar about product recall procedures. Click on the link below to find out more information;

Date: Thursday, May 6
Time: 2-4 pm ET

Thank you for reading. And stay tuned for more articles real soon!



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