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Diet Friendly Happy Hour Drinks

Could your favorite beer be your fitness downfall?
Could your favorite beer be your fitness downfall?
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With Summer looming right around the corner a lot of us have been feeling the push to fine tune our diet and exercise plans.  Everyone is thinking about getting their bodies in shape for the beach,but did you know that you could be sabotaging yourself by enjoying your favorite happy hour drinks?  Here's a chart of some popular drinks.  Keep it in mind the next time you hang out with friends after work.  Trust me your waistline will thank you!

Beer (based on a 12 oz. Serving)

Blue Moon- 171 calories

Bud light- 116 calories

Budweiser- 145 calories

Coors-145 calories

Icehouse- 132 calories

MGD-143 calories

Miller Lite- 96 calories

Fat Tire- 160 calories

Sam Adams Boston Lager- 160 calories

Wine (based on a 115 ml serving)

Non-alcoholic- 37 calories

Champagne- 96 calories

Dry Red- 83 calories

Dry White- 77 calories

Sweet Red- 100 calories

Sweet White- 103 calories

Mixed drinks (based on a 200 ml serving)

Margarita- 453 calories

Martini- 413

Pina Colada- 297 calories

Screw Driver- 200 calories

Tequila Sunrise- 253 calories

Black Russian-291 calories

Whiskey Sour- 166 Calories

Blue Lagoon- 179 calories

White Russian- 360


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