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Diet drug Alli linked to liver damage


 From the UK Gaurdian...

 "The FDA began investigating orlistat, sold over the counter as Alli, and its potential links to liver damage earlier this year after concerns were raised about potentially harmful side effects. On Monday, the agency said it was assessing 32 reports of serious liver injury in patients, 27 of whom were hospitalised." (full story)

Alli promotes weight loss by blocking fat absorption. But blocking fat can cause a host of issues including gas, loose stools, vitamin deficiencies, and now, possibly liver damage. Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, anyone contemplating using Alli needs to consider the following facts:

  • Fat doesn't make you fat. Carbohydrates make you fat. Instead of blocking fat, how about reducing carb intake?
  • Your body needs dietary fat. Without "essential fatty acids" you would die. There is, however, no such thing as an essential carbohydrate.
  • Is it really easier to pay all that money for a diet pill that lists one potential side effect as "anal seepage" than to cut carbohydrates? Seriously?