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Diet Coke Frost Cherry Slurpees now available

Diet Coke Frost Cherry Slurpees now available
Diet Coke Frost Cherry Slurpees now available

7-Eleven stores now offer a diet slurpee product to consumers looking for a lower calorie treat, according to USA Today on Feb. 26, 2014. The Diet Coke Cherry frozen beverage is under the Slurpee brand name for now, but only temporarily.

The name will change in late May to Diet Coke Cherry FROST when the frozen drink starts being sold to other convenience chains and retailers beyond 7-Eleven.

Though Diet Coke’s new “Frost” brand marks the brand’s first frozen product in its 31-year history, the same can’t be said for 7-Eleven. The diet Slurpee isn’t a completely new concept to 7-Eleven; as they briefly sold a Diet Pepsi Slurpee back in the mid-2000's, but held no staying power.

Clocking in at 30 calories per 20-ounce serving with 12 grams of carbs; this couldn’t have come at a better time. With summer looming in the near future, people begin to get into “body beautiful” mode, which includes watching their weight and paying extra attention to calorie intake.

Diet Coke plans to add other flavors later this spring as well, after the beverage expands to other retailers.

To entice consumers to try the new frozen drink, 7-Eleven offers consumers a free coupon. One can obtain this by either texting "DietCoke" to 711711 or downloading the 7-Eleven mobile app to receive a mobile coupon. (The coupon is limited to one per customer, while supplies last, through May 20).