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Diet and nutrition tips for Lupus patients

Whole foods are best for Lupus.
Whole foods are best for Lupus.
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I recently came across a story about a teenage girl named Julisa, who was cured of lupus by a whole foods diet. This is not the first time I have heard of this occurring. Are you surprised or skeptical? Don't be. The majority of chronic illnesses like lupus are known to be caused by a less than healthy environment, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Wouldn't it follow that changing to a more nutrient dense diet and getting proper exercise would help reverse these diseases?

Chemical solutions

Why do we insist on poisoning ourselves with more chemicals to cure disease when proper diet and nutrition has been shown to eradicate the majority of diseases? Put down the french fries and pick up the broccoli, people! It's time to show lupus and other life threatening illnesses the door. Here are some proper diet and nutrition tips for lupus patients.

Stick to whole foods.

These are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes. These foods are the most nutrient dense. There are no empty calories here. Natural antioxidants in these foods will fight free radicals responsible for diseases like lupus. The higher the nutritional value of your food, the more disease fighting power there is to attack the lupus.

Eat as close to nature as possible.

This means eating foods raw whenever possible. Cooked food looses enzymes essential to good health. Fresh and frozen foods have the highest nutritional content. There is evidence that microwaving food destroys even more of the nutritional content of food than conventional cooking. If you have lupus, you need good nutrition to help you fight disease.

Avoid processed foods.

They are high calorie and low (or no) nutrition foods. Eat foods that have not been tampered with by man. Read labels and avoid purchasing foods with more than one ingredient or that have descriptive words. For instance if you read a bag of white flour, it will say enriched bleached white flour. Why do they add artificial vitamins? Because they took the real ones out!

Stay away from the three most evil foods on the planet.

The evil trio known as saturated fat, salt and sugar are the cause of many common diseases. These three can be lethal for lupus patients, who already have an increased risk of heart problems. They can raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels to increase heart disease risk even further. White processed flour can be an issue as well.

Here's one your Mom and the USDA never told you.

Protein from plant life digests and is used more quickly than protein from meat products. It contains no saturated fat. Because of this, vegetable protein is superior protein. Nuts and legumes are also high in fiber to clean the digestive tract naturally. Lupus patients need quick digesting protein to fight disease.

Nuts like walnuts and flaxseed contain just as much Omega 3 as oily fish, without the mercury.

Omega 3 cuts down on the inflammation associated with lupus. Omega 3 is also essential for a healthy disease fighting immune system. Lupus patients are suffering from a weakened immune system. Omega 3 supplements containing flaxseed instead of fish oil are readily available.

Please Note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not intended to replace professional medical advice.


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