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Diesel on delay for Mazda6 again

No diesel for now--bummer!
No diesel for now--bummer!

And here we go again! For the second time, Mazda has postponed the launch of their SKYACTIV-D clean diesel-powered engine in the Mazda6 sedan on these shores and in Canada.

How come?

Who really knows! Automotive News reports that the Mazda6 diesel delay for the Japanese automaker has been postponed “until further notice.”

Diesel enthusiasts have been salivating, waiting patiently for the launch that was set to make its splash before the end of last year. Last September however, the launch date for the diesel–powered car was then pushed to late Spring 2014 in order to accommodate final emissions testing and certification, the company stated.

Now the delay’s excuse that Mazda has put forth this go-round is that there is reportedly, a need for further development [that] is required to deliver the right balance between fuel economy and Mazda-appropriate driving performance. According to Mazda's spokesperson Jeremy Barnes, "There are challenges with meeting the emissions standards without after-treatment systems," Barnes told Automotive News. "We believed our SKYACTIV technology can meet it -- and it can -- but the challenge is engineering a car that delivers the kind of performance that a Mazda needs to have and we're unable to do that given where we are right now."

Mazda was all set to become a leader of the pack as the only Japanese manufacturer in the North American diesel game when the highly touted Mazda6 arrived. Alas, for now however, Mazda remains mum as to a timetable for the 6 diesel, so automotive journalists and diesel car lovers will just have to continue to hold their breath!

--Car Chick

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