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Diesel Cars and Lifes Highway

Diesel Cars and Life's Highway

Last night as I lay in bed looking for a new car it suddenly came to me that this is a definitively a buyers market. Due to the tragic state of the economy so many vehicles have been repossessed or sold at loss just so the owners could pay for necessities like food, mortgage etc. Having significant ties to Pike County fuel efficiency is a huge priority. However since my accident in September rendering my back in terrible condition and making long travel a punishment so bad a frozen lake of fire would be a welcome comfort. At least the ice would numb and the heat would ease the pain.
Well, I found an awesome solution that Americans desperately should embrace. Diesel. Diesel provides more miles per gallon than even a hybrid and is a better vehicle. You get more room, more features and a superior engine along with vastly improved performance than a hybrid. While hybrids do have their place in America, a diesel is something almost everyone can embrace. Until 2002 when a drastic decline in diesel engines caused multiple refineries to shut down, diesel was the best fuel efficient and longest running vehicle with the cheapest fuel prices.
I will always be a diesel fan because of an old Mercedes that I referred to as “Benzy,” That car finally passed away after 5 years in my possession and over an extra hundred thousand miles that would not have been yielded on the gas version of the same car.
So, I am going to embrace my more expensive in the front diesel vehicle that has oil changes every 7500 miles, 40-60 miles to the gallon and has lots of room with heated leather seats. I implore you to do the same. Remember as you travel down the highway of life, buckle up, hang on, and if you are looking back, you can't look forward.

JR May


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