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Dierks Bentley opens up about grief, birth of son in new film

A new documentary about Dierks Bentley will tell story of grief, joy
Terry Wyatt, Getty Images

Fans already knew Dierks Bentley is a talented country music artist, but according to an announcement on Dierks Bentley’s site on February 3, he is also a very brave man.

The announcement informs fans that in a new documentary film entitled “Dierks Bentley: Riser,” Dierks reveals what his life has been like over the past two years as he experienced the depths of grief over the loss of his father and the height of joy at the birth of his son. Fans will get to see the real Dierks Bentley, the man who loves music, but struggles with leaving his family to go out on tour.

Dierks Bentley says about his career and the new film:

The two phrases ‘touring musician’ and ‘family man’ were never meant to go hand-in-hand…it’s just hard. It really hurts your heart to walk out the door on your kids. It’s like the two loves of your life pulling at you – your family and your love of music,” said Bentley. “I wanted this album to be that deeper look at who I am and who I try to be, and so I guess it's the same with this film too. The first time I watched the rough edit, I actually got physically uncomfortable because it's all in there…my whole life right there on the screen for the whole world to see.

There aren’t many people who would allow cameras to capture the highs and lows that go on behind the mask of fame, but the fact that Dierks Bentley was willing to do so says a lot about his passion for his new album “Riser.” The album was inspired by the wide range of emotions Dierks Bentley has been through over the last few years and promises to be his most intense and heartfelt project yet.

“Riser” is set to drop on February 25. Fans can take a peek at the documentary trailer at The full documentary film will air on Palladia at 8 p.m. Central on February 22.

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