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Diehard revolt against 'The Young and the Restless' continues

It's too soon to tell if YR has permanently surrendered a loyal section of its fan base.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

'The Young and the Restless' continues to confront a certain section of diehard fans as a result of the on- and off-screen Michael Muhney drama that was first seen in December. In somewhat comparable circumstances, segments of sports' fans have been known to stay away from the stadium if a franchise is perceived as having slighted a favored player.

Can CBS' weekday daytime ratings' leader maintain its championship position despite what has transpired?

All publicity is not good publicity, despite what old 'Mad Men' and women inside the industry may believe. A difference-maker in today's televised world is the omnipresence of the internet's eye, which currently enables viewers to mobilize virtually and to generate varying degrees of backlash.

While it's too soon to tell if YR has permanently surrendered a loyal section of its fan base, the post-'Adam Newman' ratings seem to reveal some alienated segments in the audience. In all fairness, the 'Delia Dies' storyline clearly helped to propel this daytime steamer to Nielsen heights (5.73 million viewers during the last week in January) not reached since 2008. As of early March, YR was still being seen by 5.23 million sets of eyes per week.

Soap opera season ticket holders have always been passionate about the players on their TV team. So, this is hardly the initial instance of a charismatic character's sudden, or unexpected, departure upsetting a section of hardcore followers. However, no one knows how modern factors and future early afternoon (EST) scenes will be received by those who are still cheering from their living room seats.

Genoa City storylines are scheduled to be shown through at least the 2017 season, as CBS recently approved a multi-year pickup. So, time may be on this iconic show's side.

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