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Diego Garcia Island: Does Malaysian flight 370 mystery lead to remote base?

Does Diego Garcia Island hold the answers to what happened to the missing Malaysian Flight 370? Diego Garcia Island, a lonely remote island in the middle of nowhere in the Indian Ocean is home to a U.S. Naval base and it does have a landing strip big enough to accommodate a Boeing 777 for landing, according to the Courier Mail on April 6.

Diego Garcia Island: Did Flight 370 land on this remote base?
Wikimedia Commons

Is it a coincidence that the missing Flight 370’s captain had the Diego Garcia Island runway in his flight simulator? The FBI reported that this was one of the flight scenarios programed into the homemade simulator in the captain’s home.

Is this report a rumor, or did the American passenger Phillip Wood managed to send an iPhone text message when the plane first went missing? In the reports circulating online, he reportedly stated that he was a passenger on MH370 and he is being held hostage by “unknown military personal.”

The reports say that he sent the coordinates of his location and they showed that they were from an area just a few miles off the location of Diego Garcia Island. In his message he said he is being kept in a cell by himself and he is in a state of confusion and possibly drugged.

The reports continue saying that he was able to conceal his cellphone, as he may have had two, one for personal use and another for his work with IBM. If hijackers had the passengers dump their cell phones in a bag, it would stand to reason if he had two, he could keep one concealed down his pants, as this rumor suggests.

It was confirmed by the missing flight investigators that the plane purposely flew below the radar, as it wasn’t detected going in this direction over the Indian Ocean. The video above explains how Flight 370 flying below the radar was possible. American blogger Jim Stone is all over this theory on his website. Apparently critics say that Phillip Wood could not get cell phone service from that remote location.

Stone reminds folks that Woods works for IBM and travels the world. His cell phone would more than likely pickup service in that spot. National Geographic sells a SIM card for Diego Garcia, so it is not without communication possibilities.

Why would anyone want to take the plane and the passengers? The theory explaining this has to do with the 20 top employees from Freescale Semiconductor Inc. on the flight. They had worked on a semiconductor and were waiting for a patent and now that they are gone, the patent goes to one man, billionaire Jacob Rothschild.

Jim Stone reports that there were five people holding this microchip patent and if four of them are gone on the plane, that leaves one owner. Suggesting the disappearance of this plane is to benefit Rothschild is a bit ridiculous because he is already a billionaire many times over, suggests Stone.

There could be another reason the employees were taken. It could be that some government wanted to get their hands on the knowledge held by the 20 top employees to have this microchip built for some reason.

The company’s website states it has 17,000 employees worldwide and they state they are a world leader in embedded processing solutions. The microprocessors and sensors they develop are used in a variety of fields.

Were these employees the reason the plane was possibly hijacked? Do they have the knowledge that folks in high places need? Again some of them were the people who created and developed this embedded technology, which could be used in many ways.

These are the conspiracy theories running rampant today. These theories seem to be gaining more notoriety since the reports that the pilot’s flight simulator was programed with Diego Garcia’s runway.

What do you think? With the pings coming from the search area and the rumors of Wood messaging and being held captive, is there some basis for an alternative scenario of what really did happen to Flight 370? You decide.

If you get a chance read up on Stone's blog, his theories definitely give you some food for thought. The link to his blog is embedded in the article above.

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