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Diego Garcia Island: Did Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 land here?

Diego Garcia Island map
Wikimedia Commons

Diego Garcia Island is a small coral reef area in the middle of the Indian Ocean that has conspiracy theorists on high alert. Some believe that there could be a correlation between Diego Garcia Island and Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. On April 6, The Emirates 24/7 reported that freelance journalist Jim Stone has put forward a very interesting case -- and others are following in line.

"An American passenger on board MH370, named as Philip Wood, sent out an image and voice activated text, along with GPS coordinates that trace to a location a few kilometers away from Diego Garcia. The text claimed that Wood was being held hostage by unknown military personnel," reports The Emirates 24/7.

Could Diego Garcia Island be the place that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 landed? Could there be survivors? These questions will remain unanswered until proof of the plane's whereabouts is provided. With the latest "pings" coming into play (which investigators say are quite similar to those that would emit from a plane's black box) just one day before the battery life was set to expire, many people are wondering if it really is just a coincidence.

Naturally one has to wonder how American passenger, Philip Wood, had a cell phone signal -- or how he still had battery life -- but it's still something to think about if you aren't convinced that MH370 is somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.

Do you think Diego Garcia Island is the missing link?

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