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Diego Garcia Island conspiracy: Malaysia Airlines flight landed safely?

A Diego Garcia Island conspiracy is still heating up the Internet with claims that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 landed there safely and all of the passengers on board are being held captive. On April 10, MINA reported that there is speculation that the Boeing 777 was hijacked and was flown to the remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Could this be possible?

There have been bits and pieces of information that have slipped through the cracks in regard to the missing plane. Some people have been putting the puzzle together, wondering if the government had anything to do with the plane's disappearance. What exactly would this entail and why would something like this happen?

Diego Garcia Island does have a runway that is long enough to accommodate the landing of a Boeing 777. Rumors that the pilot of the plane practiced landing on this particular runway as evidenced on his flight simulator have also popped up. It has been reported that there were people on the plane that held pertinent information about the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM micro-controller "KL-03" (read about it here). Also, some say that there was a drone on board the plane that the government (either U.S. or U.K.) needed to get their hands on.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the irony of the "pings" that have been picked up just days before the battery life on the black box was set to expire is just a way to keep the media in a frenzy. No one seems to want to talk about the possibility of a serious hijacking. Perhaps the implications are far too much for the common good to understand.

Diego Garcia Island is home to a U.S. Naval base. Prior to the conspiracy, many people didn't even know it existed. Now, however there are a few stories popping up about the remote island, such as this from Aljazeera America: A claim that "high-value suspects" have been detained here. British authorities have been under fire but are said to be "cooperating fully."

Some people say that the plane has been dismantled and that pieces will be thrown into the ocean in order to "fool" the public. Others believe the plane will be completely renovated and used for another purpose. While it might seem far-fetched, research suggests that there is a possibility that flight MH370 landed safely and, since it was headed in the direction of this atoll, the conspiracy keeps on going.

Could Diego Garcia Island be the missing link in the MH370 investigation? Will the world ever really know the truth about what happened to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane? Sound off in the comments below.

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