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Diddy Kong returning to 'Smash Bros'

Diddy Kong is happy to return to the Smash Bros battle
Diddy Kong is happy to return to the Smash Bros battle

The official Smash Bros. website announced today that Diddy Kong will be returning for the fourth installment of the Super Smash Bros. series.

The announcement of Diddy coincides with the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the WiiU, which stars the sidekick of Donkey Kong as one of four playable characters.

Many fans, myself included, has speculated that Diddy would be joined by Dixie Kong for the new Smash game and that they would play in a similar style to the Ice Climbers. While this disproves that theory, there is still of course a chance for Dixie to make an appearance.

The screenshots provided show that most of his special moves appear to be making a return, such as his patented Peanut Popgun, his banana toss, and his barrel styled jetpack. For the most part it appears as if his moveset will be relatively similar to the one he had in Brawl, even down to his hat-flip taunt.

Diddy's addition to the fight bumps the roster for Smash Bros. 4 to a total of 24 characters, which was also bumped up thanks to the recent Little Mac announcement. Diddy had previously made his series debut in Smash Bros. Brawl.

If I had to predict who the next character to be unveiled will be, I would guess it would be Yoshi to correspond with the release of Yoshi's New Island in March. That being said, Smash Creator Masahiro Sakurai is always full of surprises.

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