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Did Your Child come Home Friday And Celebrate Pi Day?

Did Your Child Celebrate Pi Day
Did Your Child Celebrate Pi Day
Nerdist Perspective

We have heard a lot about common core this year. One discussion important to this writer is the consequences of a national curriculum. I truly believe that a common core curriculum is detrimental to critical thinking skills. The reason? By placing teachers in bondage with accountability to a common core curriculum, we place a noose around learning.

One indicator I see within my home is what my kids bring home from school. Where are the discussions? I see worksheets, and generalized stories about school. But I rarely see critical thinking. I asked peers the same question and they agree, there is little discussion or debate coming home.

I spent all of February without a discussion about civil rights or black history. I asked my friends if their experience was similar. Most response were, "This is black history month?" This gave me the idea to use the column to try to elicit responses from readers what they are hearing from their children. This past Friday was Pi Day, which should be rich in discussion from a mathematical point of view. So I have to ask, did your children talk about Pi Day?