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Did you support Prop 8?; You could be on a hit list

Java Script inventor Brendan Eich fell victim to a majority position on controversial Prop 8.  Who's next?
Mozilla File Photo

The outrage generated from Brendan Eich being named Mozilla's CEO is an example of how those claiming tolerance and inclusiveness really are liars. What they clearly are demonstrating is we are only tolerant and inclusive if you agree with us.

Just how many others are on the hit list of these self-appointed Gestapo types?

The furor generated against Eich was orchestrated by a mindset of people that are as dangerous as any other totalitarian regime one can imagine. Social media empowers these narrow minded people to consolidate their arrogance in an efficient manner.

What is the sin of Eich? He donated $1000 back in 2008 for a marriage initiative designed to make one man and one woman the legal status of marriage. Eich was in the majority of people in California that believed the marriage definition should remain as the majority of people agreed to define it.

In spite of circumstances by those wanting to derail the “initiative”, Californians passed what is now known as Prop 8 by a 52%-48% vote. Eich was in the majority of those agreeing with his views.

Judicial advocacy, media sympathy, and a reversal of President Barack Obama's position on gay marriage began the most massive swing of public conscience in the history of politics. With a huge assist from California officials and judiciary, inaction by the US Supreme Court invalidated Prop 8.

Not satisfied with gay marriage being validated, there are vindictive hateful individuals represented in media, politics, public and private sector who want to make those that supported Prop 8 to be persecuted and unemployable.

This is dangerous territory when anyone in the majority can be on the wrong side less than a decade down the road and can face retribution from anyone perceived to be offended. When anyone can be persecuted for merely speaking or supporting what they believe in, particularly with the majority, we are all in serious trouble.

This toxic atmosphere is being driven by those willing to dig into the personal life that has nothing to do with their performance at work or overall position as a human being. The standard for right or wrong can only be used at the convenience of those deciding what is appropriate for everyone else. That alone is a bogus standard when you expect compliance for lesser important things of others you do not agree.

Most outrageous is Eich supported something that the majority agreed. If Eich had a personal view on something as egregious as having an extremely radical prospective of a handful, then perhaps it would warrant him stepping down, but this is not the case.

Can you imagine having someone in authority with the same attitude of those that basically witch-hunted Eich? Should one want to know how Japanese-Americans during pre-World War 2 could ever have their constitutional rights stripped away, try listening to the diatribe on social media, newspapers, and even public officials that have been vocalizing their prejudices at traditional marriage supporters.

You are NOT allowed to have a different point of view even if you are in the majority.

There has been many instances of those that supported Prop 8 being intimidated, vandalized, or forced from their jobs by those pretending to have moral standards. It’s a travesty to claim tolerance and inclusiveness from these leftists.

Eich became a target of convenience for those short on compassion. There is a legitimate question for those voting, supporting, or giving any money in the past for traditional marriage, or for that matter, any cause “they” do not agree…….are you next?

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