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Did You Start Your Tomato Transplants Yet - It may be Time

Don't wait to start your tomatoes
Don't wait to start your tomatoes
R. MacGregor

Northern New Jersey and other Zone 6 gardeners are staring glumly out their windows at in some cases a foot or more of hard crusted icy snow. Will they ever get to get their hand in the soil and their spades in the compost? Will there ever be a 2014 gardening season?

Well, of course there will be. And in fact, if you have yet to start your tomatoes your gardening may start today.

Yes, that’s right. Let us do the gardening math and see what we come up with.

Tomatoes can be started six to ten weeks before they are transplanted to the garden. Transplanting ideally should occur about four weeks after the final frost date. The final frost date on average in Zone 6 is April 20th. It takes 7 to 14 days for tomato seeds to sprout.

Work that through and you can easily see that today would be a fine day to start those tiny seeds! But don’t worry, if you needed to order special seeds, perhaps Burpees’ gigantic “Steakhouse” tomato or the super high anthocyanin content variety “Indigo Rose” or the lycopene loaded “Tasty Lee” you still have time.

But it would be a great idea to order today and get those transplant pots ready!

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