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Did you see these top 10 internet news stories of the week?

It's Friday folks! The weekend is almost upon us. Take a few minutes and look back at these ten stories that have captured America's attention over the last week.

Woman Searching for Christian Roommate Becomes Center of Politicized Battle

People are outraged that a government entity is trying to tell a woman who she can and can not live with.

Glenn Beck responds to George Soros’s Donation of $1 Million to Media Matters

Glenn Beck and George Soros both attempt to control the media in their own way.

Many Ask NPR, why Juan Williams and not Nina Totenburg?

NPR's Nina Totenburg has said far worse things than Juan Williams, yet she was never fired.

Mortgage Modification Program Stops Foreclosures; Discourages Those Who Do Pay

Why would someone who doesn't pay their bills when they are struggling deserve a housing break more than someone who works three jobs to make sure the house payment is covered?

Courts Tell AZ No Proof of Citizenship Required to Register or Vote

If they will sneak into the U.S., what makes them think the threat of 'perjury' will keep them from registering to vote and going to the poles?

RI Deomacratic Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Caprio Tells Obama to "Shove It"

Obama lets it slip that he does not support the RI Governor in his campaign.

SC Hurricane Lab Demolishes Houses During Testing

A full size house flies to tiny pieces as a hurricane created in a test lab moves in on it.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repealed Temporarily

It lasted a full 24 hours.

VA Man Arrested in Sting Operation for Plotting DC Bombings

He was going to help blow up the train stations in Washington, DC.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Choose How You Support Carefully

Does every pink ribbon mean a company is giving money to charity?


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