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Did you pig out on Super Bowl Sunday?

The big day has come and gone. If you indulged in too much to eat or drink or both(!), there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that. The only thing you can change is your behavior going forward. And it makes no sense to stew over the fact that you blew it that day when it comes to sticking to healthy snacks (and maybe a couple not-so-healthy ones—after all, it was Super Bowl Sunday).

You may be thinking: “Look at those football players. They are big, really big, with muscles.” Yes, they certainly are. Did you see them running? Most could run pretty fast, but this weight watcher noticed that some of them were a tad slow in the pick-up. Nonetheless, you can be sure they were eating lots of protein and vegetables the day before, and not shoveling down lots of carbs and sugar-laden foods. The high carbs and high sugary foods just make you tired and sluggish.

One thing that helps is to roughly calculate how much time on a treadmill will be needed if your consumption is more than necessary. Even a leisurely walk on the treadmill at 3 mph will help you burn about 300 calories in an hour, depending on your weight. Overdo it in the snack food department, and that calculation looks like it will require you to take a day off to burn off your indulgences. The amount of time required to compensate for the excess calories is often enough for me to back off and quickly.

No matter the event or occasion, think twice about taking in more calories, which just turn to fat anyway, than your body needs. You have better things to do with your time than exercise for three hours (you only need to work out for a half hour, actually). Ask yourself: Is it worth it to eat those chips (3-5 chips are enough to satisfy your salt fix)? Is it worth it to have 3 slices of pizza, when 1 slice is sufficient? Are you even paying attention to what you are eating, so you can tell when you are full? Mindless eating results in taking in more calories than your body needs, plus, you lose out on enjoying the food.

You do not need to deprive yourself, whether it is at a Super Bowl party or eating dessert at home. Eat a couple of bites of something, as the taste payoff is in the first one or two bites. After that, you have already forgotten about the taste. Drinking water regularly will help stave off food cravings, filling up your stomach to give you that full sensation.

BOTTOM LINE: Pay attention to what you are eating—just pay attention! You know what you should be eating.

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