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Did you marry the wrong person?

No marriage is perfect.
No marriage is perfect.
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Marriage is such a rapturous idea especially when you see it from the eyes of a child. Little girls often create their perfect families with dolls, praying for the day when they will meet the ideal man and become a wife.

The wrong mate

Now let us step out of the world of fantasy and enter the real world. Just what do you do when you feel you have married the wrong person? At times, you usually feel you have joined yourself to the wrong person if things do not unfold like you have anticipated.

Imperfect individual

Chances are, though, you probably did not marry the wrong person but have simply married an imperfect individual like yourself. This is an overwhelming revelation for some people because they often see the other person as the main problem.

Marriage is hard work, and if someone tells you this joining together is easy, that person is not being honest.

When you realize your spouse is never going to be perfect, you should begin training yourself to see him or her from a new perspective.

One way to handle your spouse’s imperfections is to focus on the good things about your lover. This is sometimes difficult to do, but lots of prayer will help. Plus, when you look at yourself in the mirror and accept that you are filled with your own imperfections, you will be more empathetic to your mate’s shortcomings.

Loving thoughts

Try thinking about the respectable things about your spouse each time you want to point out all of his or her flaws. The next time those negative thoughts about your spouse pop up in your mind, ask yourself, “Am I thinking thoughts that are truthful, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy?” (Philippians 5:8)

Imagine how much better your marriage would be if you started seeing your spouse as lovely, admirable, and excellent.

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