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HAIR SUNBLOCK, HAIR SUNSCREENS AND HAIR PRODUCTS PROTECT YOUR HAIR from the dangers of UV Rays, sun, ocean and pool. To keep refreshed and looking younger and the importance of knowing that protecting your eyes, skin, and hair is essential in healthy maintenance. The sun, ocean, pool and most synthetic hair products dries out your hair, and skin, leaves brown spots on your skin and fades your hair color. For rich hair color, shiny, soft, silky, healthy hair without the frizz, rinse your hair when washing with cold water(always comb with big tooth comb) and wear a 100% cotton t-shirt as hair wrap when finished washing and conditioning your hair. When the t-shirt is saturated, let your hair air dry, then blow dry, style with leave-in conditioner with sunscreen (flat iron during summer to tame the frizz).

It's always best to use a good organic, natural luxury product as "DoTerra" hair products or any other authentic natural hair product.... yes they may be expensive, but your worth it! Most hair products today are synthetic and made with harmful chemicals that dangerous in many ways! Make sure you read all labels on everything (even food) if you can't read, pronounce or comprehend label.... it's made in a lab and not natural! There are many sunscreen hair shampoos, conditioners, spray sunblock for hair that should be with you at all times on the beach, boat, pool, hiking or whenever under the sun or water!

Before getting in the pool or ocean, wet your hair with the hose or bottled water so your hair absorbs that water instead of pool/ocean water. Keeps your hair fresh, soft silky! Comb thru and put conditioner with sunblock on your hair before you enter ocean and comb again immediately after swimming and reapply hair sunscreen again and the beauty of this is the sun heats your hair and the spray hair sunscreen acts as a hair mask! Must have's at beach, pool or in nature, 1. A wide tooth comb or brush, 2. a mirror so you always look fab and clean while your sunning your stunning! 3. tissues, 4. hair sunblock products, 5. sunglasses to prevent wrinkle's, 6. eye, lips, nose face and body sunblock, 7. big hat, 8. toothbrush/paste, 9. sweater 10. cute cover- up. Talk about looking good and your hair shine after you've showered and ready to go out on the town! Men too will benefit from protecting their hair and skin so they shine like a diamond for their better half!

To GLOW AND BEYOND YOUR ANGEL SQUARES OF HIGHLIGHTS (90% of people get their hair highlighted in the summertime to look years younger) but summertime can be hazardous to your colored hair and highlights don't stand a chance against sea salt, chlorine, sun and the environment! To keep color lasting longer, color-protective luxury hairline products have an oil based sunscreen, the way we protect our skin from UV Rays, is the same way we should protect our hair and hair color. Don't allow your hair to weaken or lose it's color or become dry and porous, protect your hair and it's proteins and lipids from oxyidative damage while your glamorous, glowing with glee!



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