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Did you know this about the hair infusion process?

Hair infusion can help boost morale.
Hair infusion can help boost morale.

Hair infusion was created by the New York hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin, as a hair extension was made to fuse together the human or synthetic hair to the strands of real hair on a person’s head. There is no heat used in the process and it can take a few hours to get the process done. The hair ends up looking like real hair and even touching the hair makes it hard to notice what the real part is and what part has been infused in the process.


Rodolfo Valentin created the process of hair infusion. He began his creation in 1984 by saving hair from his customers. After working diligently with the hair, he founded the ‘hair fusion’ technique, which finally became the hair infusion process. (Valentin)


Hair Infusion promotes the growth of healthy hair due to hair loss, chemotherapy or just because the client would like something different. The process uses synthetic or real hair and can create a different color or hair extensions from as little as two inches of hair. They are reusable and can be applied without heat, as heat can destroy the hair. Keratin based glue is used to put the infused hairs together and best of all, these extensions are handmade. (Strange)

Effects of the Hair Infusion Process

The effects of the hair infusion creates an ability to grow the hair while the extensions are used. Synthetic or real hair is used and no problems were reported on the effects of fusing the extensions to the real hair. These extensions help in promoting growth to the hair also. The hair feels real and looks real, so it is hard to tell what has been fused and what part of the hair is real. Those using the hair infusion technique feel much better about their look and clients rave about Valentin and his hair process.

Benefits of Hair Infusion

Different types of hair infusions include silica, flashpoint, and regular infusion. Silica infusion is the type of extension that allows for new hair to grow. Whether the hair is thinning or balding, these infusions can give the client a new head of hair. Getting the hair that they want, instead of simply having to cover up the hair they have now. It can take up to 6 hours for the hair infusion process to complete and can last up to 6 months.


If cheap products have been used in the hair infusion process, there can be a problem of the extensions falling out once the hair is washed. The glue itself could be the problem or even hair extensions that weren’t braided correctly as each hair has to go the same way. Check with the salon if these problems occur.


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