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Did You Know These Famous People Were Homeschooled?

Homeschoolers anad tennis champions Serena and Venus Williams were taught and coached by their father.
Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

Presidents, athletes, politicians, musicians, scientists, and more. Homeschoolers have surfaced in almost every walk of life. With May being Home Schooling Awareness Month (May 1 - 31; began being promoted since 2010 to bring awareness about homeschooling possibilites to the general population and to parents of school age children), it is a good time to mention some homeschoolers who have made their way into the world of fame and history.

1. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (32nd President)

2. President Theodore Roosevelt (Nobel Peace Prize winner)

3. Activist Susan B. Anthony (Civil rights leader and the first woman to vote in the US)

4. Scientist Thomas Edison (Scientist and inventor)

5. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (the first female supreme court justice)

6. Politician Condoleezza Rice (Former Secretary of State)

7. Athletes, Serena and Venus Williams (tennis champions)

8. Athlete Tim Tebow (the first homeschooler to win the Heisman Trophy)

9. Athlete Michelle Kwan (Olympic medalist figure skater)

10. Musicians, The Jonas Brothers ( Disney Channel singers)

11. Athlete Bode Miller (Olympic gold medal ski racer)

12. Athlete Bethany Hamilton (Surfer who suffered a shark attack and lost her arm)

13. Author Robert Frost (Author and poet)

There were various reasons that led the parents of these homeschoolers to educate their children at home. Thomas Edison’s mother withdrew him from school because his teacher referred to him as “addled.” Clearly, Edison’s mother saw potential in her son that the school system overlooked since Edison went on to invent the phonograph, the movie projectors, the stock ticker, and, of course, the light bulb. Richard and Oracene Williams didn't want their girls, Serena and Venus, to get behind in their education because of all their sporting events, so a flexible homeschooling schedule was a better fit for them. Tim Tebow's homeschooling worked best for his missionary parents, and The Jonas Brothers' parents wanted to keep their family tightly knit as they were rising in fame in the music world. Susan B. Anthony's father fumed at the reality that the school teacher wouldn't teach his daughter, or any other girls, long division, so Daniel Anthony pulled his daughter out of the classroom and taught her himself. Condoleezza Rice's mother didn't want her daughter to miss a year of school just because her daughter's birthday didn't meet the deadline, so Condi's mom taught her at home. The following year, Condoleezza tested out two to three years above her grade level.

The list of famous homeschoolers will continue to grow as this generation of homeschooled students venture out into their vocations and callings. As with Robert Frost, though, these homeschoolers took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.

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