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Did you know? LinkedIn has a resume builder

Resume writing is one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of the job search. Not only is it challenging to figure out what information should go into the resume, but what format to use and how to format the resume are challenging as well.

Every professional, whether job searching or not, should be on LinkedIn for many reasons, which those reasons are for another article some other time. Not only should professionals be on LinkedIn, but their profile should be filled in as well. If you have all of the LinkedIn profile sections filled out, creating a resume could be very easy. If you aren’t on LinkedIn already, head on over to sign up, it’s free! Here’s the website,

LinkedIn now has a resume builder, offered for free, which you can find by going to Creating a professional resume has never been easier. You can choose from 11 templates, customize the content and create more than one resume to use, depending on the type of opportunity you are applying for. You can even attach the resume to your LinkedIn profile, so it’s there for someone to view immediately.

The content for the resume builder is coming directly from your LinkedIn profile, so all of the information is right at your finger-tips. The templates are very professional looking and the struggles of resume writing can now vanish.

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