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Did you know gay couples in Wisconsin who marry out of state, can be imprisoned?

Did you know if you are a gay couple in the state of Wisconsin, and you marry out of state, you could face a $10,000 fine and 9 months in jail? This would be like something out of Alabama, but even Alabama doesn't criminalize such a thing.

Look, it would be one thing if the state just didn't recognize a marriage performed out of state (though the U.S. Constitution Full Faith and Credit Clause states they must) but another to imprison someone for doing so. This law by the way is 765.04(1) of the Wisconsin state code.

Why does such a dumb law exist in the first place, anyway? Now, a district attorney in Dane County (Madison) or Milwaukee County is not going to prosecute such a couple. But what about Jefferson or Waukesha county? Maybe. Why chance it under the law?

Gay couples in the state of Wisconsin, along with that fine civil rights organization, the American Civil Liberties Union, are challenging this unjust and discriminatory ban on their ability to marry in a lawsuit against the Scott Walker administration on this i

After all, their right to marriage is no threat to anyone's marriage, though it might be a threat to the fears and contempt they might harbor against gays. Having gay friends, family and co-workers is the easiest way to be cured of such fears.

Good luck to these couples, may they soon have the right to marry, as anyone else.