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Did you know Facebook is listening?

Facebook is listening
Facebook is listening

Last Wednesday Facebook's mobile app added a new feature that may interest you that will be available in a few weeks. The new feature will allow Facebook to use your mobile devices microphone at any time (if you give them access).

Why are they doing this? According to Facebook it is to identify the TV and music you listen to in order to post it to your wall so your friends know and help so you don't waste your sweet time typing in this information yourself. With the new feature you can choose to add the information to your wall and choose who can see it too.

Their blog post where they announced this new feature also discusses some myths and the facts too, if you are interested.

It is good to remember, however, that many of the Facebook features are option until they are not. How many of us can remember the search opt-out last fall that they took away from us?

Does this mean we should move away from Facebook? Or is it time to stop it before it starts with petitions?