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Did you know Eskimos were swingers?

Did You Know Eskimos Were Swingers?
Did You Know Eskimos Were Swingers?

Wife sharing is an act associated with swingers. The act of wife sharing was prevalent in the lives of Eskimos where they used to share their wives. The act used to happen in such a way that husband where to move from their houses and assume their roles as husbands in other houses as husbands while practicing wife sharing. The act lasted for weeks after which the husbands where to return to their homes to resume their responsibility once more as husbands. The act of Eskimos letting total strangers sleep with their wives was not a common practice. From Greenland to Bering Sea where Eskimos used to live the ritual of spousal exchange was common. The act of wife sharing was performed ritually to commemorate (shaman) which is a case where the Eskimos where to celebrate good happenings such as good hunting conditions or even onset of good weather conditions. Read more: [Group sex: The history of swinging in Roman and Egyptian orgies]

Putting-out-of-the-lamps game was an example of wife sharing event played in Greenland. This was an event where the Eskimos where to participate in sex with any members who were present at the feat. The lights were to be turned off momentarily after which they will invite the spirits. During the period in which the lights were off the members who were present at the event either married or not could have a chance to interact in sex with each other randomly. They believed this event was to bring the spirits close to people because the spirits liked it that way. Angekok was the one responsively in inviting the spirits during the event. The comings of missionaries lead to the event being ruined. In Alaska there was an event referred to as bladders feats where the participants were to participate in random sex too. Read more:[Swinger wife: Wife sharing from a woman's perspective]

Reciprocal spouse exchange was another type of wife sharing event where the Eskimos were to exchange spouses as a way of making their friendship stronger. They believed through wife sharing during time of need the friends whom they have shared spouses with will be more close to their families to help them sort any difficulty issues. The Eskimos avoided co-marriage because they believed it will result into a stronger bond which is lifelong hence they preferred reciprocal spouse exchange. During the exchange husbands where to move from their home to other homes and assume the responsibilities as husbands. The exchange was to last for a period of time which the spouses will agree. The exchange was to take place especially between two different villages. After the exchange was over the husband will return to his original family and assume his roles. This lead to strengthening of the bonds between the two families. In some cases the exchange was to cover one or several times depending on the parties involved.

Unmarried Eskimo girls where married quickly after they were of marriageable age. Those who were widowed where also remarried. This made it hard for any stranger to find an Eskimo who is single who will offer herself freely to a stranger as some sources argue. In some cases the Eskimos will exchange their wives with distant relatives who will appear as if they have exchanged their wives to strangers but in actual sense the Eskimos never exchanged their wives to strangers. In case a stranger was offered a wife to sleep with then it implies that the husband who has offered the wife to a stranger will once in life expect access to the stranger’s wife. This was pure wife sharing practice in Eskimos. Read more: [Wife sharing: Not just a Vegas thing]

In case an Eskimo man was to travel he was to leave her wife under the care of his trusted family member or friend. Under such circumstances the person who was left in charge of the wife was allowed to access sexual privileges from the wife .The act of leaving the wife under care of a trusted friend or family member was as a sign of avoiding cases where the wife will be left and participate in sex with random men. The wives of Eskimos who were swiped where ready to accept the act because they found it interesting where they will like to explore more men. In some cases they were to fear letting their husbands down hence they were to accept even if it is not their own wish.