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Did you get the letter?

"The Letter" - The first single from "The Ghost" EP
"The Letter" - The first single from "The Ghost" EP
Logan Samperi

You should have already received "The Letter."

You've got mail

Did you get it? Well, if you haven't received “The Letter” in your inbox, here’s what you're missing.

Houston musician Keeton Coffman just released his video for “The Letter,” his first single off of his upcoming EP "The Ghost." "The Letter” is an epistolary tune of unrequited and unconditional love in the face of betrayal. The upbeat song doesn't wallow in the bitterness and self-pity of the situation. It celebrates the purpose and the strength derived from being another person’s salvation, even when that person is too weak or blind to notice or acknowledge the value you bring.

“The Letter” video, shot by Jack and Jackson Potts in Spring, Texas, focuses on this celebration.

To the letter

The video features Keeton Coffman, Jack’s son Dietrich Potts, and a vintage pickup truck as they share a carefree day in the country, savoring life and relishing in the music as it bridges the gap between generations. The video is reminiscent of the glory days of MTV, when the cable channel actually showcased music videos, and those videos complimented the songs and drove their narratives in the right direction without distraction.

Click here to watch the music video for “The Letter" in its entirety.

Keeton Coffman will kick off the release of “The Ghost” with an EP release show on August 14 at the Dosey Doe Music Café in Conroe. Coffman will be playing music from the EP and sharing the stage with Austin Musician David Ramirez.

Keeping up with future Keeton Coffman events is easy.

Must mailing

If you don’t want to miss out on future mailings and announcements from Keeton Coffman, you can go to his website and add your name to the Keeton Coffman e-mail list. Once you've joined, you’ll get monthly notifications about new music and videos from Keeton, as well as his tour updates for your local area.

An advance copy of “The Ghost” EP has been received. Stay tuned here for an extended review of the EP when it’s released.

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