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Did you catch the pilot of 'The 100' on the CW

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 will go down in history as the day the CW aired the first episode of "The 100" an new science fiction dystopian drama that is sure to please fans of both genres. The pilot began with the secret exile of 100 young prisoners from the ARK (the space station that is over taxed with the population surge from 400 remaining humans 97 years ago to 4,000 now). These young humans are the remaining ARK residents only hope as the ARK only has a few months of survival left.

Check out some of these new and familiar faces you will see on the CW's 'The 100'
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Paige Turco plays Abby on The 100
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

If the adults on the ARK had successfully communicated their plans to the juvenile humans things might have gone differently but putting all their hopes of surviving on young criminals may not have been the best decision for the government to make.

The juveniles on the planet fast separate into two groups, one that wants to help the remaining humans on the ARK and the other that could care less if the humans know that they survived the landing and the radiation on the earth. Unfortunately, the latter makes up the larger part of the group.

Communication is cut off after the shuttle crash lands and the humans left on the ARK have no way to tell if the kids are surviving or not accept their life support bracelets which most of them decide to remove. Five of the teens decide to go off in search of food while the others riot and cause trouble.

The search party manages to get to the correct mountain that holds their food supply only one problem, they encounter others who are on the planet as well and one of the search party members, Jasper is impaled by a spear... talk about cliffhangers. That is where the pilot ends...

It was overall an interesting show with great potential but there were a few questions fans probably had as they tried to digest the new series. Hopefully those will be addressed as the series continues. It has potential, what do you think of the new series?

Check out more details on The 100 here at the CW show page. If you missed the episode you will be able to stream it live tomorrow.

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