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Did ‘Y&R’ get it wrong? Should Justin Hartley have been cast as Billy Abbott?

Did ‘Y&R’ get it wrong? Should Justin Hartley have been cast as Billy Abbott?
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After months of speculation “The Young and the Restless” has recast the role of Adam Newman, but did they get it wrong? Should Justin Hartley have been cast as Billy Abbott and Burgess Jenkins as Adam Newman?

Earlier today “Young and the Restless” fans found out that Justin Hartley has been hired to portray Adam Newman. However, it seems that the actor looks more like he could play Billy Abbott than Adam Newman.

Burgess Jenkins took over the role of Billy Abbott earlier this year, filling the void left by David Tom. David Tom had taken over the role when Billy Miller left in December 2013. Jenkins, with a change of hair color, looks as if he could possibly have been a more suitable recast as Adam Newman.

Although there is only a small age difference, Jenkins, 40, and Hartley, 37, Burgess actually would have been better suited to Adam Newman. Hartley, who looks similar to Billy Miller, may have been better cast as Billy Abbot.

Adam Newman is the son of Victor Newman and Hope Adams and came onto the canvas when he was born in 1995. Billy Abbott is the son of Jill Fenmore Abbott Atkinson and the late John Abbott. Billy was born in 1993. Soap operas often use something termed “rapid aging syndrome” accelerated the characters into their late 30s and early 40s.

But, that still makes Billy Abbott two years younger than Adam Newman. And with Burgess Jenkins slightly darker look, he may have been more appropriately cast as Adam Newman. Hartley, who has boyish blond good looks, does not appear able to pull of the complexity of the good versus evil character of Adam Newman.

In addition, Adam Newman needs to be strong and conniving enough to stand up to his father Victor Newman. At the time of Adam’s arrival in Genoa City in 2008, when he was portrayed by Chris Engen, Victor has been trying his best to control and manipulate Adam.

Does Justin Hartley have the acting chops to pull off the complex character of Adam Newman? Or will the writers of “The Young and the Restless” give Adam a “fresh start” with a kinder and gentler character?

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