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Did Walter Cronkite predict the rise of Fiverr?

Back in 1967, the esteemed Walter Cronkite made a rather astonishing prediction. On his CBS News Broadcast, he forecast that traveling to our places of employment would essentially end entirely by the year 2001 due to a marvelous, new invention called “the computer”.

Was Cronkite Right?
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Even though he may have missed the projected date by a few years, there is shocking evidence that Kronkite was right. As the global economy continues to struggle and millions of people remain out of work, many of the unemployed are heading online to build a freelancing career. And Fiverr is leading the way.

This is a very young freelancing site of approximately 3 years that offers over 3 million “gigs” to the public at large, starting at just $5. At the time of this article, Fiverr was ranked the #128 Website in the World. Not an easy fete for such a new company.

In light of recent reports by several network news programs, such as Fox News, regarding terrible “work-from-home scams”, Fiverr seems a very safe way to break into the freelancing world. This website offers a simple and free solution to millions of aspiring freelancing workers. The site costs no money to join, and sellers can make money instantly. Fiverr only gets paid if the freelancer makes a sale.

Fiverr CEO, Micha Kaufman says that new freelancing professionals

“...want infrastructure to get the job done — connectivity and devices, not necessarily a cubicle and a lunchroom.”

And Dr. Nicola Millard agrees. Millard has a degree in psychology and a PhD in computer science with over 23 years in research and development of design systems for major call centers and corporations around the world. She has seen first-hand the extreme surge in freelancing and “work-from-home” employment in the past couple of years.

"There is no reason why knowledge workers shouldn't all be working flexibly in five years' time," says Millard as reported in The Guardian just yesterday.

Fiverr reports that over 15% of their current freelancing community considers Fiverr as a primary source of income. The Top Five Fiverr Freelancers are reported to earn in upwards of 6-figures annually. Even though new Fiverr freelancing professionals offer their services beginning at just $5, these rates can easily increase to $8,200 per order, once a the higher ranking of “Top Seller” is achieved.

Cronkite may not have predicted the rise of Fiverr. But thanks to sites like this, the opportunities in freelancing have grown considerably in the past 47 years, to be sure.

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