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Did this ice water challenge video go too far?

This baby didn't look too impressed with her grandfather's ice bucket challenge idea
This baby didn't look too impressed with her grandfather's ice bucket challenge idea
Screenshot taken by Chelsea Hoffman 2014 via video

A father is outraged (along with many other people) after a grandfather filmed an ALS ice bucket challenge with a 10-month-old infant. The Daily Mail shared the details on Friday, revealing that the stunt not only angered many people, but it triggered a call to the Texas Department of Child Services. Grandfather Reggie Stiller reportedly filmed himself taking the ALS ice bucket challenge -- which has become a viral meme of sorts -- but included his 10-month-old baby granddaughter in the shot, positioned in a bouncer directly in front and under him. The video clip wasn't any longer than a minute or two, but he clearly douses himself with the bucket of water and in the process completely drenches the little infant, who looks up at the spectacle at just the wrong moment.

More than 20,000 people shared the video on social media before someone finally called child protective services in Texas to report what appears to be extremely negligent behavior. Some are claiming it's child abuse, but there doesn't appear to be any malice involved. Instead, this seems like a foolish stunt that went entirely too far, putting a child at risk of injury or worse. If the water was truly ice water, it could have put the little baby in shock, and it could have winded her. She cold have also drowned had enough of the water forced itself into her mouth and nose. As you can see by the video, the child nearly collapses under the weight of the water. Watch the full video here.

The father of the infant in the video was apparently not present at the time, and is outraged at what happened. It must be clarified that the child's grandfather is his estranged wife's father; Not his. He's currently going through a divorce from the child's mother, so it's probably safe to say that this film may end up used in court against that side of the family. After all, it was a truly reckless stunt that put the child in danger. So what do you think -- Did grandpa take this ice bucket challenge a little too far or not?