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Did they say Westminster?

Where's the Jack Russells?
Where's the Jack Russells?

Wow, what a show! The Westminster Dog Show is the most exciting dog show in the world!  

There was a couple of new breeds this year. In the Sporting group the new breed was the Setter (Irish Red & White), this breed of Setter is a distinct breed, not to be confused with the Irish Setter. It is it's own breed thought to be the older of the two Setters from Ireland. The Setter is large in size and primarily bred for field hunting and is a great family pet. The breed was almost extinct coming into the 1920's through 1940's and has now emerged with a huge come back in Ireland.

In the Herding group there are two new dogs, the Pyrenean Shepherd or "Pyr Shep" as it is commonly called in America. The Pyr Shep is a traditional sheep herding dog, medium to large in size the herding skills of this breed are amazing. The breeds' homeland is outside of France and is a highly intelligent great family companion. Another new breed is the Norwegian Buhund, this breed comes from Norway and is commonly referred to as "the Viking dog". The word "Bu" in Norwegian means homestead or farm and "hund" means dog, (farm dog). The Buhund is a great herder, guardian, and hunting dog. Medium in size and with a double coat this dog is independent and hard working.

If you missed the Westminster Dog show a Scottish Terrier named, "Sadie" won the show. The competition was awesome, so many breeds with so many titles were competing. If you have never watched a dog show and would like to see one in our area check out a couple of shows  I bet you'll love it!

The Baltimore County Kennel show is next  at the Maryland State Fair grounds  in Timonium MD. on Sunday  April 25, 2010

If you can't make that show check out the AKC ALL Breed Show at the Howard County Fairgrounds in  W. Friendship MD. on Friday July 9, 2010

Hope I see you there!


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