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Did ‘The Walking Dead’ cross the line with ’The Grove?” Spoilers

Where is Beth and will Daryl find her before she's zombie bait.
Photo by Rick Diamond

I doubt if there is anyone who loves TWD that doesn’t know what happened during last nights episode, but if you haven’t viewed it, please don’t read this.

Carol, Tyreese and the three children, Mika, Lizzie and Judith were hiding in a house. It started feeling like home, the stove even still worked.

Several shocking things happened during this episode. This on the heels of some complaints by fans that the show was getting boring. It was anything but boring on Sunday night.

In one really cool zombie attack scene, some crispy critter zombies (coming from the house that Beth and Daryl set on fire so they were still smoking) came though and Carol and the others had to do away with the bar b que rejects.

The girls were both having trouble with the walkers, with their status as people or walking corpses with no memory of their past life. Lizzie insisted they were the same people as before, but different.

In one scene we see Lizzie playing tag with a female walker. We also find out (big surprise) that Lizzie was the one feeding the walkers rats back at the prison. This wasn’t a shock by any means.

Lizzie had a lot of psychological problems. This was demonstrated over and over. Lately, with the attempt to smother Judith in the episode in which Carol reappears.

In the highlight of “The Grove,” Lizzie kills her sister with a butcher knife and was about to kill Judith when Carol and Tyreese showed up.

Earlier in the show, when Lizzie was upset (and she did a lot of crying in this episode), Mika tells her she’s suppose to look at the flowers. I believe she had some kind of therapy during her life before the dead started walking around.

Carol takes Lizzie out and asks her to look at the flowers. She shoots her in the head as she’s trying to calm down with the flowers.

Why are people so outraged with this turn of events? I really don’t know. This is the zombie apocalypse, not Disneyland. If viewers couldn’t tell that Lizzie was an extremely damaged girl long ago in the prison, then they need to pay more attention to the little things that happen and not just wait for the next zombie attack.

The death of the two girls wasn’t shown on screen and it was a good twist that brought the show to a new level that it hasn’t had since Laurie died in childbirth and Carl had to put her down.

Sophia died in a horrible way, we got to see her come out of a barn and then being put down by Rick. Children are fair play.

The show is heating up, enjoy it.


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