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Did the President commit Treason

President Obama may have recently committed Treason. Never in the history of the United States of America has this country exchanged prisoners with a non nation. If I am wrong, please correct me. Other Countries have done prisoner exchanges with terrorist groups and it never ends well. Isreal exchanges prisoners with Palistine yet the violence continues and Brazil exchanges prisoners with FARC. The stronger nation empowers the weaker terrorist group to plan larger attacks knowing that if the attack fails, they can do a prisoner exchange.

Our President has not only empowered Al Quida and the Taliban, but legitimized it as a world power. Next, they may ask for diplomatic ties and establish an Embassy and President Obama may give this serious consideration. We understand that the United States first President was formerly employed as a General for the British and was viewed as a terrorist, but he was fighting for freedom as a soverign nation. What excactly is Al Quida and the Taliban fighting for? This group bounces from country to country blowing up people in the name of Allah, and I am sure Allah would not condone killing civilians.

Presidentd Obama's failure to consult leading Democrats and only talk with his yes men will put more American lives at risk around the world as Al Quida and the Taliban take this sign of weakness from President Obama as the go sign to spread fear and mayham against the USA. Really, is it any wonder Putin's Russia is so bold and North Korea is testing the waters.

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