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Did the Obama administration help Roman Polanski?

Roman Polanski
Roman Polanski
(AP Photo/Michel Euler, File)


  • max 5 years ago

    I had all but given up on finding ANYONE today with ANY journalistic chops and investigative skills. Well done.

    Good luck trying to get this story anywhere since all the mainstream media is now run by a handful of individuals who run in the same circles as our Hollywood titans, whose ancestors decended directly from the earliest monotheists; their 'god' being wealth and the power that comes with it.
    Who else could get a serial child rapist and a man who sold weapons to IRAQ during our embargo BOTH released.
    Regardless, Polanski was not pardoned like "Rich", so we need to keep up the pressure to expose the pervert for what he is -and never showed any remorse. It was his lack of remorse that Judge Rittenband saw and he wanted Polanski out of the U.S. to protect our children. Unfortunate for the children in Europe like Charlotte Lewis and others in the Gstaad boarding school that he talks of defiling in his memoir, "they were all between 16 and 19-years-old".

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