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Did the leprechaun trap work?

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By the time the older children got to A Sunny Place Learning Center from school, news of the leprechaun trap the preschoolers built that morning had spread and they decided to build an addition to the already standing trap. All of the kiddos excitedly anticipated the outcome of the traps. Would they finally catch the illusive leprechaun?

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Tuesday morning, A Sunny Place Learning Center opened it's eyes to complete chaos. To their dismay, the leprechaun got away, but not before leaving a note, getting his hat stuck in the trap, and dropping some of his gold in the process. Excitedly, the children speculated about what had happened the night before. Why were parts of their trap hanging from the ceiling? Why was a dining room bench up-side-down near the trap? How did he get away? When did he know it was a trap? Did he get any of our jewels?

All morning imaginations were alive with the possibilities, stories, and pretend play, and after all of their hard work, you'll be happy to know that the gold was actually chocolate that they will all be splitting.

Many of them are already planning next year's leprechaun trap based on what they think went wrong with this one. What will they be building next?