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Did Teresa Giudice spend last Mother’s Day as free woman? Court sentencing soon

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Teresa Giudice appears to be putting on a strong face for what she is facing in the near future. The reality star is looking at a sentencing hearing that could mean jail time and her husband, Joe, might be looking at jail too. Instead of worrying about the punishment to come, the celebrity took time to celebrate Mother’s Day with her daughters and her mother. Posting pictures of a family holiday, on her official Twitter page Sunday, it looked like a big celebration at the Giudice resident. The Mother’s Day moment had the family together as Teresa's mom, Joe's brother and the Teresa's daughters made it seem like the typical get together.

The day looked to consist of an outdoor feast that included some backyard time for the kids and plenty of hugs. Sharing how proud the mothers in the family should be, the focus was on the good times instead of the bad.

While the reality star might not be thinking about her legal details, the fans are definitely getting a taste of what is to come. The sneak peek of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” have been delivered to the viewers with plenty of juicy details. According to Classicalite on Monday, the fans are going to get a chance to hear and see the details behind the criminal lawsuit and, to some extent, see the anguish the family has faced making their decision to strike a plea deal.

The fans of the reality show still don’t have an exact air date. Waiting for Bravo to decide when to release the program, it appears that Teresa Giudice’s sentencing hearing is holding up the interview process for the show leaving it almost finished.

Fans hope that Teresa Giudice had a great Mother’s Day as this might be the last one she gets to enjoy as a free women for a while. Whether she goes to jail or gets house arrest, her life might be different after hearing the court’s decision on sentencing.