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Did Taylor Swift snub 'train wreck' Randy Travis' plea for a duet?

Did Taylor Swift snub ailing Randy Travis' plea to sing a duet with him? Did Swift turn her back on him when he was trying to revive his career?

Did Taylor Swift turn her back on Randy Travis?
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

According to an April 10 National Enquirer report, Travis' career has been struggling over the past year because of health problems. Last year, he suffered from a near-deadly heart problem and a stroke.

The 54-year-old country singer's personal life also began spiraling out of control when he had an affair with his dentist's wife, an affair that contributed to his own divorce in 2010. Then in 2012, he was arrested twice, once for public drunkenness, and a second time for DUI.

Although Travis is still at a low point in his life, he was making plans to focus on his career again, and was hoping that Swift would sing with him. However, according to the Enquirer, the "22" singer wants nothing to do with Travis. As an insider reported, "Taylor sees Randy as a train wreck, an old has-been who trashed his career with his crazy drinking and arrests, and she doesn't want to be seen within five miles of him."

The report also suggested that Swift was the type of person who wouldn't bother with people unless it benefited her career. As the insider continued, "Taylor has a bad reputation in Nashville for being a cold fish who turns her back on people who can’t further her career. It may sound cruel, but Taylor has put Randy in that category, and she's not about to go out of her way to help him."

This is not the first time that National Enquirer has made such claims about Swift's character. Last month, the Enquirer published a report suggesting that the 24-year-old singer's seemingly down-to-earth demeanor was an act, and that she had ditched her old friends after becoming famous.

However, Gossip Cop denied the Enquirer report, pointing out that Swift still hangs out with her oldest friends. The entertainment site also cited several examples, including her 24th birthday celebration which included old friends as well as celebrities.

Did Taylor Swift hang Randy Travis out to dry when he needed her? Is she really the type of person who turn her back on people? Or does National Enquirer have an unreasonable bias against Swift?

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