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Did Steven King lead police to Elaina Steinfurth’s body?

Allegedly led police to Elaina's body
Allegedly led police to Elaina's body

Last Friday gruesome news surfaced that the body of missing Toledo, OH baby Elaina Steinfurth had been discovered by investigators in the detached garage, on the property of her mother's boyfriend's' family.

Police had been searching for Elaina for three months and all along the body was on the same property where she was last seen alive. The home was searched 4 times, and according to police, the garage was searched twice, however until they got new information that made them search the garage for a third time, they had not discovered Elaina's body. Ultimately Elaina's body was discovered hidden in a box, covered with tarp, surrounded by trash.

Elaina's mother Angela is currently sitting in jail, along with Angela's one time boyfriend Steven King on charges of obstruction of justice. Steven's mother Julie King owns the property where Elaina's body was discovered. Julie King is telling the media that her son told police where to find Elaina's body.

Steven's family also claims that he will be giving police new information, and is reporting that even before the body of Elaina was found, he was working on obtaining a plea deal.

I predict that we are going to see some cross finger pointing between Angela Steinfurth and Steven King. Both have proven themselves to be unsavory characters, sitting in jail for lying to law enforcement while this baby's body decomposed in a trash filled garage.