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Did somebody say sunshine!

Most Clevelander's gardening supplies!
Most Clevelander's gardening supplies!

Has anybody checked out the forecast for the next six days? I think the rain may have found another city to pour on, at least for the near future. But, then again, this is Ohio weather we are talking about.

That means it is time to plant those vegetable gardens! It’s time to start prepping the ground, buying your vegetable starters, or for you green thumb extraordinaires, moving your seedling starters from your indoor green house.

Don’t forget your herbs for seasoning and drying for all your favorite recipes! I’ve always planted basil because I cook with it just about every day. Oh, and don’t forget that you can use it to make pesto too!

Parsley is another great herb I grow, which I pick fresh for certain recipes and also dry in the fall. The other herb that I grow is dill. I home-can dill picklel and having my own fresh dill is awesome!

Once you are done planting your herb garden, you have the flower garden to consider. You need to go to your favorite nurseryand pick up your flowers and perennialsfor your annual landscaping projects.

Hanging baskets and window planters really liven up the patio and/or front porch with bursts of color. Remember your favorite flowers of the season, such as Petunias; they come in bright colors pink, purple, orange, and lilac outlined in white. These particular flowers look like someone took a white marker and outlined each bloom. Petunias are one of those flowers that is enjoyed all summer long.

You can also plant Geraniums; you can’t kill these beauties if you tried. They’re easy to grow and the red ones are just about my favorite. Those big bursts of fire engine red are just about as beautiful as it gets.

So, let’s go over our checklist: six days of warm weather, plantinga vegetable garden and planting the flowers. Oh, I almost forgot--you need to sit on the porch, sip on some lemonade or whatever your beverage of choice may be, relax, and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

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