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Did Robin Williams ever get the help he really needed?

On The Walk of Fame, mourners have set up a makeshift memorial for the beloved actor and comedian.
On The Walk of Fame, mourners have set up a makeshift memorial for the beloved actor and comedian.
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

What happens when we don't get the help we need?

Let's bypass all the news about Robin Williams’ death and depression and ask a simple question: “did he ever get the help he really needed?” He recently made a trip to rehab and has publicized his battle with depression. What remains to be seen is exactly how effective treatment for the respective diseases were (alcoholism and depression).

“Knowing is half the battle
Robin Williams did what many who struggle fail to ever do…seek help. What remains to be seen is the lasting effects of his treatments. Was he undergoing long term treatment? He had the resources to continue treatment as long as it was necessary. Perhaps for Williams, who sought to self medicate, the answer remained elusive.

How torturous life must be not knowing the answer to life's most pressing question, “why?”. Without a doubt, the world has lost one of its greatest treasures and brightest smiles. Thought he put up a valiant effort against his personal ‘demons’ he ultimately lost his battle.

The pain of not knowing
It is safe to assume that Williams died a despondent man, never achieving the resolution he so longed for. Answers to life's hardest questions are oft hard to find and ultimately compound the pain and pressure, worsening the matter altogether.

Along with the devastating news of Williams’ death, the public and his family are clueless as to what his breaking point actually was. The Sherrif’s coroner has released the disturbing details surrounding Williams’ death and to date, there has not been any kind of note or other communication found.

What can you do?
For many, the struggle wages on. Menial decisions like getting out the bed, going to work, or simple social interaction weigh on the depressed like life altering decisions.

Simply put…GET HELP!! Help is available whether you can afford it or not. Resources are available for you, please take full advantage of whichever resource you need.

For believers, we know that there is hope in Christ. Many choose not to follow Christ and receive the help and comfort the Holy Spirit provides (Jn. 14). Even as a believer, we sometimes need to be reminded of the goodness of The Lord in the midst of/despite our many struggles. Get help, talk to someone, PRAY! All the world will miss Robin Williams, and to those of you reading, the world will miss you and be devastated without you, as well!

Get help! If you notice someone needing help in this area, be the help they need. Direct them to resources or simply pray for them. The world needs you and never forget that you need God.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in the time of trouble. Ps. 46:1

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