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Did President Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?


Obama is acknowledged by many to be a very charismatic leader.

With Obama's acceptance speech of the Nobel Peace Prize, many question why he received it, what he's done to receive it, and most importantly, why did he accept it when he should have politely refused it.

But should he really have denied it? No. It is an honor, regardless of what your accomplishments are, and not accepting could be seen as a slight to the international committee that nominated him. It lends him more credence in international diplomacy as well. Regardless of what peoples opinions are of him and his accomplishments, accepting was the right move, and Obama even had the class to donate the award money to American charities. That is an outstanding President, and human being. George Bush would have invested that in his ranch, back home in Texas, John McCain might have bought another few houses, or exotic import cars.

The Father of Dynamite, and the Peace Prize, Alfred Nobel.

Progress, it doesn't happen overnight.

So what is the Peace Prize, and where did it come from? Alfred Nobel, pictured right, created two very destructive objects. Ballestite, and dynamite. Only the former was used in a war during his lifetime, but scholars state that he realized the destructive capabilities of dynamite would be too much for governments and their peoples to resist, and would soon see it's application in warfare. In his will, he left behind a specific instruction to create the Peace Prize with the stipulation that the person who receive it have: "done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." So the only question that remains, is does Obama meet these standards? What has he really done? After George Bush just about anybody could be seen as to fulfill these values, other than Sarah Palin.

Let's take a look at Obama's progress. First, Bush made the mistake of declaring war on a religion. He generalized an entire belief system and characterized them by their radical proponents. Obama has made painstaking efforts to let the Muslim world know that we are not at war with them. Why would this be important? It's promoting peace, and creating fraternity between nations. Islam is a religion with nearly two billion believers, nearly as big as Christianity. He has greatly improved the United States' approval rating in Middle Eastern countries that are primarily Islamic. He also secured aid to Pakistan to help that nation, which is our biggest ally in the region.

He prohibited torture. He did not allow 'waterlogging' as Dick Cheney and George Bush did. This is something that many other countries around the world found heinous and barbaric, creating the image of America the Big Bully.

He has ordered Guantanamo Bay closed, another thorn in the side of many countries around the world, where we create the image of America the Hypocrite, by holding prisoners, with or without cause, and denying them the basic liberties that they should be allowed, such as a phone call, or access to an attorney.

Most importantly, he did something that George Bush purposely neglected. He reaffirmed America's commitment to uphold the Geneva Convention. He has done so much in less than a year to rebuild America's image to the rest of the world, and to replace the title of Tyrant with that of Peacemaker. He is an excellent diplomat, keeps his cool, and definitely knows how to talk to foreign leaders. So did he deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? Yes. Should he have accepted it? Absolutely.


  • hypocrite 5 years ago

    "reduction of standing armies"

    9 days before he accepted it, he sent 30,000 additional soldiers to fight in a foreign country.

  • a voice from the American Wilderness 5 years ago

    after blaming bush and McCain for the sins of the world and your presumption of their inclination to use the funds on their on their own political lusts, on or for what did his lordship (oyama) deserve the peace prize? You have not answered the question that you have entitled your article. You state npp acceptance demonstrates diplomatic credence. Jesus Christ, you aint demonstrating diplomatic credence, if you say your the son of God to a jewish synagogue; therefore you aint gettin it either. lets be agreeable even if our opponents are wrong, that's essentilly who he is, a kissass

  • Harold 5 years ago

    Of course he does not deserve it unless you call bankrupting America noteworthy. Ronald Reagan ended the cold war by bringing the Russians to their knees without firing a single shot. He never received the Noble for that yet Obama receives one for doing absolutely nothing except degrading and shaming America.

  • mike 5 years ago

    The people supporting Obama seem some what confused . The NPP is for accomplishments made , not what he may do by the end of his presidency . But still no one has answered the burning question of what exactly he's done ? Other than fly in our Air Force One for personal reasons . If he want to live the life style of the rich and famous . It should be on his dime .

  • Daniel Arrey (The Author) 5 years ago

    Hypocrite: Republicans accuse him of dithering with not sending troops, yet when he does they still find something to slam him on. That's a lose/lose situation. In the eyes of republicans, and bigots, he is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.
    a voice from the American Wilderness: I did not presume they'd spend it on political lusts. I presumed they'd spend it on personal lusts. Did you not read the article to see what Obama has done to win the peace prize? Please learn to spell if you're going to insult our President.
    Harold: We were bankrupt before Obama got into office, so don't even try and pin it on him. You have Bush to thank for that. And how is he shaming and degrading America? Is it because he's black?
    mike: He doesn't take vacations. He doesn't go to Camp David, or back home every weekend. You were probably very quiet when Bush was doing that. So be quiet.

  • a voice from the American Wilderness 5 years ago

    If spelling is objection of Oyama (please refer to his Jive turkey talk in his discourse about thanksgiving---this sucker--)when he wants to talk w/o a telepromptor...the guy is a referral of Oyama is a flavoring description of a Harvard graduate who demonstrates dementia below that of a street thug: eg, as follows: Dvd's to Britain; couple cold beers at the social hofbrauhaus (re: Cambridge police acted "stupidly" because one of his african american buddy Professor Gates was offended); failing to reign in attny general Eric Holden who wants to prosecute US interrogators of Gitmo, who operate under orders of the govt of legal precedent established under the Bush admn which was based upon legal advisement of us govt attorney legal findings; and remember the campaign trail with almost $4/gallon, his answer was for everyone to deflate/inflate their tires--let them have cake)...and to top it off, all these stupid earmark bills,did he vetoe any?

  • a voice from the American Wilderness 5 years ago

    Furthermore, the commander-in-chief's Harvard law education was less resourceful than learning how to be a community leader in the one party system of Chicagostan. Perhaps his knowledge of landlord/tenant law or his expertise on the corrupt election procedures of Chicago is of great international importance. Again, what did he do? He picked Sotomayer as a US Supreme Court justice. After US Court of appeals judge Sotomayer's rubber stamp affirmation of a lower courts ruling to deny a white fireman's allegation of racial bias for promotion--overturned by the US Supreme Court, Obama rewards her negligence by selecting her as a US supreme court justice. Action to do nothing, incompetence (intellectual dishonesty), or negligence are the fruits to advancement under this administration and are the inherent attributes that qualifies this boy scout for a noble peace merit badge. Notwithstanding, it is inappropriate for a public official to accept a bribe/gift, at least while in office.

  • Daniel Arrey (The Author) 5 years ago

    A voice from the wildreness: Seriously? You're ragging on Obama from using a teleprompter? It's a lot better than him having make up words and sound like an idiot like our last president.
    And police did act stupidly when the arrested a black man over the age of sixty with a cane without hearing his explanation of why he was there. And interrogators should be prosecuted, along with the Atty general that approved that treatment, and with Bush and Cheney. They violated every basic human right in their treatment of those detainees, and the Geneva Conventions. Numerous countries have called for them to appear in front of the ICC. Nor did Obama accept a Bribe or a Gift while in office. He won an award.

    Your labeling of a great american city as 'Chicagostan' just goes to show your bigotry and inherent beliefs.

    You probably uphold the belief that Obama isn't an American.
    Do you think that he's the AntiChrist as well?

  • 5 years ago


    You need to take it easy on these election losers! May I bang them up? :)

    hypocrite, you missed the point! How many times Obama had to say that the Afghan war is a war of necessity before you'll get it? If the ocean pirate situation is an indication, we'll sock it to the Taliban & Al Qaeda. Just watch!

    Harold, It's not easy to admit being an election loser but it's fairly obvious! "degrading and shaming America?" That's what Bush/Cheney did the last 8 years & you voted for them! :(

    Wilderness, ideologues can't embellish your IQ! Between the Nobel Prize Committee & you, you have much less ("no") credibility! :(

    Daniel, it's too bad but it looks like some of your readers will remain bitter through 2016! :)

  • Jens 5 years ago

    Lets not forget that Obama was nominated before he actually did any of the things you listed in you article. Obama was nominated based on the hope that he would do something, not because he did squat. The fact that he has done the things you listed would be good reason to nominate him for the 2010 nobel peace prize, but doing it in 2009 made it look politically motivated, which it probably was, and undeserved, since he was nominated by February 1st at the latest, which was a mere 11 days after his inauguration, before he had the opportunity to do something deserving of the prize.

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