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Did Pacquiao kill all chances of a Mayweather fight by resigning with Top Rank?

The greatest fight that never happened. This could be the title of a future boxing article from some scribe in 2020 or so. So why hasn't this fight happened? It's not a cut and dry answer. There's multiple reasons as to why this fight never happened, and probably never will. There's ego involved, there's money involved, there's possibly some scandals involved, there's a lot of things involved.

Let's be clear, both sides have been guilty of kicking the can down the road. Arguments over blood testing (odd), money, Mayweather' dislike of Arum, Golden Boy and Top Rank issues, the list just goes on. This is a tangled mess, and the fans lose out.

There's an entire nation of people (Philippines) that are chomping at the bit to get this fight done. They fully believe that their Manny Pacquiao will defeat Floyd Mayweather. Floyd has a massive fan base in America that feel that he will defeat Manny Pacquiao and preserve his undefeated record. It would possibly be the fight of the century.

So with Mayweather not willing to do business with Bob Arum, and with Pacquiao recently re signing with Top Rank, did he just kill the fight by doing so? It doesn't look too good. Unless Arum and Floyd can put aside whatever differences that they have, this fight will not happen.

It's utterly ridiculous to think that two guys with the ability to earn one hundred million dollars, won't. We have people all around the world that haven't had any food in a week, that dig through garbage dumps. We have people that walk 10 miles in Kenya just to get to a dirty water source. And in Las Vegas, we have two sides, Top Rank and TMT that are fighting each other to NOT make hundreds of millions. What a laughable, despicable situation this has become.

Boxing fans deserve this fight. The clock is ticking and soon the window of opportunity will close. Mayweather will soon retire, and if he does so as an undefeated fighter, he'll have an asterisk on his record as not fighting the best opponent available. Pacquiao will also soon retire. If he retires without the Mayweather fight, he'll be known as a guy that missed out on a record payday, and also not fighting the best guy available. A true shame.

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