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Did Obama use cocaine at Occidental? You decide

Allegations that Obama used cocaine while in school at Occidental
Allegations that Obama used cocaine while in school at Occidental

We elected Barack Obama to the presidency without knowing a whole lot about the man as normally would know after the media has done the complete vetting they do of every other presidential candidate except this president. He hides or conceals just about everything about him that every other president has disclosed including his college grade, his medical records, and the kind of information most people put on their resumes.

But Obama did admit in his book that he used cocaine at times. Many questions have been raised about when and how often he's used cocaine since. Some wonder if he might still be using cocaine, or relapsing and using cocaine and other drugs even to this day.

A picture of Barack Obama from his days at Occidental College shows Obama clearly having longer finger nails on two fingers and very shortly trimmed nails on the other fingers. The author of the article says such fingers are used by cocaine users to do their drugs. I wouldn't have any idea of such things, I've never eve tried cocaine. But the explanation sounds reasonable.

Did Obama use cocaine while at Occidental? Look at the evidence yourself, and decide for your self. I report, you decide. Maybe it's time some reporter among the White House Press Corps has audacity to asked the president, “Mr. President, when was the last time you used cocaine?”

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