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Did NBC cancel 'Celebrity Apprentice'?

Donald Trump
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Fans of “Celebrity Apprentice” have been waiting for a cast announcement for what seems like forever. Rumors of the cast have been circulating around social media and Kate Gosselin is one name that just wouldn't die down. Several new shows are planning to come to NBC this fall, but will “Celebrity Apprentice” be one of them? According to a July 13 report from E! Online, there are no plans regarding when the newest season of “Celebrity Apprentice” will air. The entire season has been filmed but NBC isn't in a rush to put it out yet. Is this the end?

“Celebrity Apprentice” follows a cast of famous names and faces as they compete to win the cash prize which will be donated to their charity by Donald Trump. Several of the tasks include raising money, using your fame to bring people to the cause, and more odd jobs. Each week two contestants are fired from the show, one from each team. Many of the celebrities are trying to regain popularity or promote something new coming out when they join the cast.

Kate Gosselin is one of the most controversial reality television stars today. She is hated by many for allegedly using her children to gain fame. There are some fans who like Gosselin and support her, but far more negativity is said about her. Rumors were floating around that she was cast on “Celebrity Apprentice” but was fired before she was able to win. Others rumored to have participate alongside Gosselin were Kenya Moore from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and Leeza Gibbons.

Speculation is that “Celebrity Apprentice” may be canceled after the pre-taped season airs. It was assumed that the new season would begin airing in July, but now that the month is nearly half over, there is no telling when NBC will air it. Fans are anxiously awaiting this installment of the show, even if it is the last.

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