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Did NBC cancel 'Believe' and 'Crisis'?

Gillian Anderson stars in "Crisis"
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

NBC was looking pretty good going into the 2014 television season. The fall show “The Blacklist” has been killing in the ratings department, but mid-seasons shows have been lacking. “Believe” and “Crisis” were put on the Sunday night line up against the popular ABC shows “Resurrection” and “Revenge.” While they did okay for the series premiere episodes, the numbers have been steadily declining. According to a May 6 report from Deadline, NBC has yanked both “Believe” and “Crisis” from their line-up. The network replaced the shows on May 18 with a “Saturday Night Live” special.

Fans of “Crisis” aren't terribly surprised. The show centers around a mass kidnapping that was masterminded by an ex-CIA employee. While the CIA and FBI work to find the kidnapped children, things get crazy. It was a great idea, but it couldn't really go passed the initial stage because if the children were rescued, where would the story go next?

Social media is buzzing about NBC pulling “Believe” and “Crisis” from the line-up. The Twitter feed for “Crisis” has been busy with fans complaining about the possible and almost inevitable cancellation. Some “Believe” and "Crisis" fans made a petition to save the shows, and fans are working to pass it around. While it may not have the desired impact, it shows fans are willing to fight for shows they believe have potential to become big hits.

While there is no official word on the cancellation of “Believe” or “Crisis,” speculation is that neither of the shows will return this fall. NBC is supposed to make an official announcement regarding their decisions next week. Fans are wondering whether or not the remaining episodes will be aired or if the shows are just going to disappear into thin air. “Crisis” may not have the potential for several seasons, but “Believe” definitely has room to expand. Right now the shows are in limbo and nothing has been officially noted.

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