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Did Natalie Grant leave the Grammys due to Beyonce’s wide-open legs performance?

Christian singer Natalie Grant, who was nominated for two Grammys this year, left the Grammys on Sunday night early with her husband. “The 56th annual Grammy awards were controversial, beginning with the opening act, which many parents deemed too risqué for what most consider a family show. Beyonce performed with her barely-there outfit and opened the awards show while sitting on a chair with her legs wide open and writhing around before being joined onstage by her husband, Jay-Z,” reported Christian Today on Jan. 29, 2014.

Natalie Grant
Christian Today

Natalie Grant, who was born on Dec. 21, 1971, and who is known as a singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian music, never intended to cause a media frenzy by leaving the Grammys early.

On her Facebook page, Natalie Grant emphasizes that her early Grammys exit was not in response to any particular performance but that she and her husband left during a commercial break when no one was performing.

“We left the Grammy's early. I've many thoughts about the show tonight, most of which are probably better left inside my head. But I'll say this: I've never been more honored to sing about Jesus and for Jesus. And I've never been more sure of the path I've chosen.”

In another message, Natalie Grant clarified again her message to her fans. “I never pointed out any one particular performance, I only said I had many thoughts about the entire show, which were best left inside my head and that is where they will stay. So those who say I condemned one performance but then condoned others clearly did not read the post.”

Christian singer Natalie Grant is apparently not a person who judges -- but chooses.

Natalie Grant’s choice of leaving the Grammys early but keeping the reason for it private is in dire contrast to Beyonce’s public “legs wide open” performance.

As such, one could say that Natalie Grant left the Grammys early because of Beyonce’s opening act – but only symbolically.

According to the Christian Today report, Beyonce’s opening performance at the Grammys was only the beginning of what some more family-oriented and more private-oriented viewers might consider to be offensive.

“Katy Perry, who once went by the name Katy Hudson and sang praises to the Lord, shocked viewers with her performance of ‘Dark Horse’, which contained satanic and demonic symbolism. Perry herself was dressed like a witch with a Knights of Templar cross across her chest, and pole-danced on a broomstick.”

“In addition, the performance of Macklemore & Lewis' song has divided opinions across the U.S. Many criticized the award show organizers for pushing a political agenda by having a mass wedding, including numerous same-sex couples, as part of the show. The segment saw Queen Latifah lead a bizarre mass wedding involving 33 homosexual and heterosexual couples.”

While Natalie Grant is being criticized by the gay community and others for having left the Grammys early, the Christian singer is receiving a tremendous amount of support on her Facebook for making her own choice.

Among the almost 10,000 supportive comments, some fans wrote the following words:

“You showed courage to walk out of the grammys.”

“You're a mighty warrior, Natalie!”

“I see your STANCE going viral girl! Goooood for you. Bout time some GOOD news spreads”

“The more I hear of what happened at the Grammy's the more I'm proud of you for getting out of there. I can't imagine you having to endure what you did. Thank you Natalie for being the strong Christian woman you are.”

“You must really be making Satan angry to have this much attention placed on your exiting the grammys and telling people that you did. I would have done the same thing I hope! I bet you aren't the only one who left at some point and why are they not getting press?”

Of course, being a Christian singer, Natalie Grant received most supportive Facebook comments focusing on the Christian reasons for leaving the Grammys. Apart from the Christian aspect, however, Natalie Grant’s choice of action to leave the Grammys does make one wonder, how many other members in the Grammys’ audience were thinking about leaving or would have liked to leave – if given a choice.

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