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Did McDaniels follow the inner witness?

If you are a manager, then you must cringe at the thought of wearing Josh McDaniels' shoes today.   His managerial experience and prowess is being discussed by sports pundits, in newspaper editorials and by thousands of fans in various social media channels.    It is hard enough to walk into your office when you know that your colleagues and subordinates are judging you and arriving at less than favorable verdicts.  Imagine that feeling of anxiety and heighten it greatly when the whole country gets a chance to throw barbs and insults.   

Let's play a bit of "what if".  What if the season had ended 10-6 and the Denver Broncos were well on their way to the playoffs?.  Or even better...a perfect season of 16-0?  There would still be naysayers, but most fans and experts would be singing McDaniels' praises to the heavens.   

Mahayana Buddhists have a series of Lojong (mind training) slogans used to help purify the manner of thinking and develop compassion.  One of those slogans is particularly relevant to this situation:

"Follow the inner witness rather than the outer ones."

In other words, if you are truly acting with dignity, intelligence, compassion and integrity, the outer witnesses or judges cannot sway your choices and conviction.   On the other hand, if you are acting out of deceit, cruelty or the promotioin of your own self interest, a perfect season year after year will hold little reward and satisfaction (unless you are a pyschopath and that is another subject).  Only you know the difference - you are the inner witness.


  • DaveJ 5 years ago

    He should definitely look inside rather than outside to see why he blew it. :)

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